Listing Searches Made Simple.
Ah – listing searches: the most performed activity in the MLS System. That’s why we’re excited about some of the unique and enhanced listing search features in Matrix. Not only can you search for listings, but Matrix makes the management of listing searches (Saved Searches, Hotsheets, etc … ) easier and more efficient than ever  with features like …

Speed Bar

From listing records and tax records to agents and search shortcuts, the Speed Bar dramatically reduces the time required to perform searches of any kind within the system. Enter any value to immediately search across the entire system and across all table types. Easy-to-learn shortcuts make searching faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Search History

With Matrix, running a previous search is as simple as a single mouse click. Matrix automatically saves your recent searches—complete with a date/time stamp and the number of results—and displays them in a list conveniently located near the top of each page. Search History is a terrific timesaving feature that is perfect for the busy agent serving multiple clients at once.

Favorite Saved Searches – On the Home Page

Matrix not only allows you to mark your favorite Saved Searches, but it also adds those searches to the Home page, all while keeping a streamlined and simple look. Yet another example of Matrix making it easier to do business.

Carts (Think Online Shopping for Clients)

The program’s cart functionality offers you greater listing management control. You can drop listings into any client’s cart from virtually anywhere in the program, and then they can easily view, email, map or print the listings at their convenience. This functionality provides a tidy way to work with multiple clients while navigating around Matrix.

Hot Sheets

Matrix provides a broad range of Hot Sheet options. You can use a standard system Hot Sheet or create custom Hot Sheets. Change of status, price, dates and a variety of other details can all be included in agent-customized Hot Sheets. This essential functionality keeps you up-to-date on the latest market conditions.

Smart, Real-Time Mapping

Seamlessly combine search criteria with map and results. The dynamic mapping feature lets you click, zoom and pan while showing results in real time. Automatically group map pins into clusters when there are too many to display. Select listings from the result list or directly from the map for superior versatility. Bird’s eye view, street view, satellite view and driving directions are just a few of the many display options.
Much more about mapping here!


With Matrix count-on-the-fly, you’ll see a real-time count of exactly how many listings match your criteria before ever submitting a query. Fast listing count feedback makes it easy for you to quickly create a search that yields the desired number of results.