Realist®: Property Information That Propels Your Business


Realist is a public-records database that provides property and ownership data, market information, street and aerial maps (including interactive mapping features), as well as market trends. Realist also powers the tax auto-pop in Matrix.

Realist features include:

• Interactive mapping that shows such information as boundaries, driving distances, market info and other reports, such as a RealAVM™ report
• Side-by-side comparisons to the data in the MLS, if the information listed in public records is different than what’s in the MLS (i.e. 4 bedrooms vs. 5 bedrooms)
• Printable, sharable reports (such as a CMA and a Neighborhood Profile report)

Realist Help

Getting Started With Realist

How to Create a Subdivision and Create Mailing Labels

Upcoming Improvements

We understand there might be a few features you’re looking to see with Realist that you don’t currently see. Please find a few features below for which we’ve received member feedback. These features, along with a few others, are being worked on. Of course, you can always submit improvement suggestions to our suggestion form.

Upcoming Improvements
  • Neighborhood Description Field
  • Save Map as .JPG File
  • Subdivision Number Code
  • Flood Zone Code For Auto-Pop
  • Search by Expired/Not Re-listed for All Statuses
  • Active Map on Detail Reports