Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions submitted for the Realist Open Forum webinar.

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Are property taxes current?

Yes – Realist provides the last three years of tax data.

Why is the format of the Charlotte County parcel ID numbers incorrect? We do not have dashes. When are you going to correct this and will it be a system correction or will we have to go into each listing to correct?

This was a change made by Charolotte County in July this year changed id & format. See Charlotte County Property Appraiser info: Realist is capturing the new parcel id numbers and Corelogic and Matrix are working on a “fix” for all listing in Matrix that where input before July 2014.

How do I see the plat map for a property?

When viewing the full detail report of a property from within the Realist system, scroll to the bottom of the report page to view the plat map and dimensions.

How do we get aerial maps?

From the Realist map go to the upper left corner and change your view. The Realist Map contains different views that let you see different aspects about the properties you’ve selected on the Map:

  • Road: This is a standard Map view that shows the roads and road names that are close to the property. This is the default view.
  • Aerial: The aerial view is a satellite view of the property from above.
  • Hybrid: The hybrid view shows an aerial view plus the roads and road names.
  • Birdseye: The Birdseye view of a property shows an actual photograph of the area from above.

If we do a search with multiple results, is there a way to pull phone numbers and addresses for all of the results easily and print or export them?

Due to National Do Not Call List considerations, phone numbers are not displayed in Realist.

How do I conduct a map search?

To perform a map search in Realist make sure you have your search tab set to My Search then on the right side of the map go to the Map Tools and choose the Drawing Tools.

How do I get interactive maps instead of just a small birds eye photo of the property? What about being able to see the area and the directions to the property?

On the Property Detail Report the map images are not interactive but this is a future enhancement. To use the interactive map, close the report and go to the map view. Realist has many features available on the map. See:

How can we print a zoomed in or out map?

At the bottom left of the map area you will see the options to print and email the map.

Is Realist planning on having MLS status data showing on map?

Realist is able to display listing status data on the map by using the map layer options to the right side of the map. Click on the third option down (Looks like a thumb tack) to open the options for MLS status.

Can we print address labels from Realist?

Yes, once you have your results click on the “Create Labels” button to the bottom of the map to print a set of addresses as mailing labels.

Can you print mailing labels from drawing a map area?

Yes, after marking your area on the map click on search to bring up your results. Once your results are being displayed select to create mailing labels.

How can I get more than 25 labels to print? When I make a modification everything still stays the same.

Realist does allow for more than 25 labels to be printed at one time you just need to update the search. To update any search, click on the search button so that your modifications can take effect and produce the new results.

Is it possible to use the search features for vacant land or commercial property?

Yes, add the attribute field LandUse-Corelogic and use the LandUse codes for vacant land or commercial.

How can I find foreclosures in specific areas?

Go to the My Search tab, click on Open Search Folder, then select Foreclosure search. You can search by foreclosure type and add your subdivision to your criteria. In addition, you can use the Map Tool: Property & Sales Information and turn on the Distressed Properties indicators.

Can we search by Neighborhood name or Building and produce mailing labels or print out sold records for the whole building or neighborhood?

Yes –  Conduct the search from the My Search tab.

How I can make a search in Realist just for community or subdivision to prepare a CMA?

Use the My Search Section to search in your subdivision. Also, if you locate the subject property, then go to the View Reports, a comparable report can be viewed on the comparable tab.

How does one remove that silly value estimate in the middle of the page?

When you want to remove any section of the Property Detail report you must be in Realist on the View Reports sections, not on the static report accessed from the 1st Realist icon or the PID number on the mls listing. On the property detail page in the lower right corner of the page click on the Modify button go to the Display from the fly out menu unselect any sections you do not want to include on your report. Then you can print, save or email the report with only the property sections you want to include.

Where is the county zoning - RSF3, etc.?

This can be found on the Property Detail report under the Location Information section.

Is there info on mortgages or liens?

Yes – this can be found on the Property Detail report almost at the bottom in the section Mortgage History section.

Where can I find the Flood zone information, AE, X V, etc?

From the View Reports Button go to the tab Flood Map this will show flood zone code, panel and date. A map view of the property and the map legend.

How can I put the flood zone in the location information in the detailed report?

Because these are two different reports, the option to add flood zone information in the detailed report is not available. BUT you can connect them over by going to Print, Email or Save choose customize and choose the 2 reports Property Detail & Flood Map > click ok.

Can we search Realist by lender name if we want to target REO's or Preforeclosures to include a certain lender or exclude a lender..?­

You can search using lender name by moving into the Foreclosures search type. Once in this area, you must add the field named “Lender Name” to your search.

Why does realist lock up in windows 8? Grayed out screen and cannot move back or forward

This is an issue with Adobe Flash settings. Not enough memory has been allocated to Adobe Flash. Right click on the gray screen to display the Flash menu to fix. Please call our call center for assistance 800-686-7451