Better customer engagement, delivering better results.

Perhaps more than any other MLS System, Matrix maximizes your opportunity to engage with customers and prospects.

Beyond auto-notifications, management of contacts and other tools you’ve previously had in Fusion and MLXchange, here are some customer engagement tools that are unique to Matrix:


Matrix offers a variety of options for automatically emailing listings to customers. The “concierge” feature lets agents view and approve listings before sending them. After being notified of new matches, agents can approve or decline listings that meet their customers’ search criteria. The concierge style of email management provides greater control over listing data distribution, ultimately fostering higher customer interest and satisfaction.

Customer Portal

With the Customer Portal, agents can personally brand the information delivered to their buyers and sellers. Using the Portal’s split screen technology, consumers can more effectively manage listings by visually identifying where they are located on the map. The Portal also serves as a powerful communication tool by allowing them to categorize listings according to their level of interest, as well as log conversation notes to and from their agent. Customers can further customize their Portal experience by creating and saving searches of their own. Matrix then provides agents with detailed customer activity and Portal usage statistics.

Matrix incorporates powerful contact management functionality. By keeping your contact records in Matrix, you can easily communicate with and track the activity of your customers and prospects. A flexible import tool makes it quick and easy to transfer records from a variety of other contact management systems.

Hit Counter

Matrix’s hit counter allows you to track your clients’ activity and interactions with the system. Every visit and click within the Client Portal is tracked and shared with you. You’ll be able to see the number of times your customer has categorized a listing as a “favorite,” “possibility” or “discard.” The listing hit counter feature can be used to quickly and accurately gauge consumer interest in a new listing.