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  • FYI: When “copying” an off-market listing, tax auto-pop does not work; the information must be manually updated or a new listing created
  • Copy feature: When using the copy feature in Add/Edit, the tax autopop feature is missing
  • Edit for 3 days back: Add option for agents to edit listings up to 3 days back for sold, rented and leased statuses
  • Uploading Listing Images: Place image restrictions notice when uploading listing images
  • Tax Autopop: A respective Lake County property is not tax auto popping
  • Office ID: Add to the quick modify feature
  • Incomplete Listings: Add notice to the information message stating that incomplete listings will be purged after 7 days
  • Incomplete Listings: Required field indicators are missing when editing an incomplete listing
  • Identity Share & Add/Edit: Members missing Add/Edit tab when assuming others Identity
  • Uploading Listing Images: Place image restrictions notice when uploading listing images

  • IE11 Browser: ShowingTime Application does not work – user sees a blank screen – (click here for help)
  • Safari Browser: When use the back button, search criteria is gone
  • Chrome Browser: When printing in Chrome, the customer synopsis single page disclaimer is not properly positioning and the option to choose header footer on every page or just on first and last page is missing

  • CMA Format: Add space between the recommended price and the notes on CMA
  • CMA Functionality: Increase the number of additional fields from 4 to 8; Add the ability to include system reports in the CMA; Some past CMA pages still not there, such the net sheet
  • CMA LP Ratio: Appraisers requesting to add LP Ratio to Quick CMA/Market Analysis Report
  • CMA Adjustment Tab – Feature Value Field: The Feature Value Field is missing from the CMA Adjustment tab

Customer/Contacts(Anything Customer or Contacts Related)
  • Customer Portal Thumbnail View: Add Thumbnail view “hover” to results grid on both the AWP and the Portal
  • Contacts Request: Add fields that were in MLXchange/Fusion: Salutation, Mailing Label, Email(1)-(4), entry date
  • Customer Portal: Customer cannot add additional email addresses/recipients when sending an email from the portal
  • Customer Portal: Member name is cutting off on the portal screen
  • Customer Portal: DPR links are not displaying on the portal
  • Missing Contact Information: Missing information from the contact information — data that was imported into Matrix
  • Contact Records Entry Date: Need to add entry date
  • Customer Portal Email Links: When members email a listing that is withdrawn or expired, the link pulls up the portal but does not display the listing
  • Customer Portal Emails: From the portal, clients are restricted to sending the listing to their own email address and the agent’s email address (cannot send to other email addresses)
  • First Name Search: Add the ability to search by first name when sending an email message
  • Customer Portal Time Stamp: Portal Activity doesn’t update with the time of each activity
  • Customer Portal Member’s Name Field: Expand the length of the members name field on the portal screen
  • Cart Feature: When using the cart feature the Cross Property Single Line is not displaying results
  • Favorites and Possibilities: Were reset back to zero when data was carried over to Matrix
  • Contacts and Saved Searches Missing: Some members are missing Contacts and Saved Searches.
  • Off-Market Listing: A customer received an off-market listing

  • Auto Email Limitation: Increase the 250 listing limit on auto email results to 500
  • Off-Market Listing: A customer received an off-market listing
  • Email: Can only send an email to 5 recipients – increase to 10
  • Auto Email Error Message: “DefaultFormula” error is displaying for some members when setting up a new auto email

Integrated Products
  • Rate Plug: Rate Plug link does not appear on Property Detail Reports
  • DPR: DPR links are not displaying on the portal

Listing Criteria & Tools
  • Driving Directions: Cannot re-sort order; no individual driving time/miles between properties
  • FYI about max photo size: No maximum size of photos, system will auto-adjust
  • My Listings Gadget: Include “My Sold Listings”
  • Rental Properties: For Rental Properties, change the Selling Agent ID/Office ID to Lease Agent/Office
  • Subdivision Issue: In Manatee County – Village at Townpark is missing from SW subdivision pick list and Village at Tara has duplicate entries
  • Listing Date & Effective Date: Members requesting that the Listing Date and Effective Date be searchable fields/criteria
  • Property Types Missing Results: A member is unable to yield any results under the following property classes: Residential, Income, Vacant Land, Commercial and Cross property
  • ML# O5301875: is used twice for two different properties
  • ML# N5900079: The SW Subdv Community Name is not displaying on the Agent Single Line and the Broker Synopsis report
  • ML# G4704323: Displaying incorrect ADOM and CDOM
  • ML# T2618769: Displaying incorrect ADOM and CDOM
  • ML#s M5844323, M5845635, M5845493: need the Selling Office changed to RE/MAX Alliance Group

Matrix Mobile
  • FYI – Matrix Mobile: For full functionality, select “full site” once logged into Matrix Mobile
  • # of Listing Images: When viewing listings on Matrix Mobile, only one image appears
  • Straight Talk Mobile Device: Unable to access Matrix via Straight Talk mobile device

  • 1004MC Reports: Enable Printing
  • Reports: Agent Single Line grid font is small (due to print to fit); if remove columns, font size increases
  • Report Icons:  Icons are too small
  • History Report Page: Add print button
  • 1004MC Report – Pending Status: Add pending status to the total count for “Total # of comparable actives” on the 1004MC report
  • Agent Single Line Report: Increase font when printing
  • Office ID and Reports – Clickable Link: Members requesting that the office ID be a clickable link on reports
  • Agent Pager Field: Showing blank when exporting

  • Speed Bar – Subdivision Search: Add “subdivision” as a search option on the speed bar
  • Reverse Prospecting: Need ability to universally deactivate reverse prospecting function on all contacts at once
  • Saved Searches: Those that came over from MLXchange did not show whether the recipient had previously unsubscribed – only way to validate is via MLXchange
  • Agent Search Form: Add additional search criteria
  • Office Name: Add office name when searching for the selling agent
  • Results Grid: $ is missing from the LP/SqFt field
  • Null Value Fields: Null value fields are not generating expected results
  • Imported Searches: The SW Subdivision Community Name field was abbreviated for imported searches
  • Imported Searches – Legal Subdivision Name: Legal Subdivision name displays criteria with single quotes
  • RES Quick Search: Contract status for RES Quick search has no drop down box

My Matrix/Personalization
  • Header and Footer Error Message: A member is receiving an error message while setting up the header and footer


Resolved Issues
  • *RESOLVED  8.1.14* Quick CMA – Field Additions: Add fields to Quick CMA Report: Pool, Garage/Car/Bedroom/Property Style, SP/LP ratio
  • *RESOLVED  7.14.14* CMA Sold Report: Side by side Sold report is missing
  • *RESOLVED  7.2.14* Reports: Add “Open House” icon to reports
  • *RESOLVED  7.1.14* ADOM/CDOM: Values not correct
  • *RESOLVED  7.1.14* CMA: CMAs do not load in Chrome or IE 11
  • *RESOLVED  7.1.14* Office Search: Add Broker ID to the Office search screen
  • *RESOLVED  7.1.14* Custom Grid Reports: Make ML# a hyperlink instead of static number
  • *RESOLVED  7.1.14* Room Dimensions: Change dimensions for rentals to be optional vs. required
  • *RESOLVED  7.1.14* RealBiz360: Link not working
  • *RESOLVED  7.1.14* Add/Edit:  Members without add/edit permissions cannot add or edit photos
  • *RESOLVED  6.27.14* Quick CMA: Quick CMA for a Vacant Land Property Type creates a blank report
  • *RESOLVED  6.26.14* Add/Edit Incomplete: Members cannot delete incomplete listings
  • *RESOLVED  6.26.14* Firefox Browser CMA: In Firefox, when “viewing” a CMA,  the report is generated without any information/text but report prints correctly
  • *RESOLVED  6.26.14* Quick CMA: Separate AWC and Active listings on the Quick CMA report
  • *RESOLVED  6.26.14* Contacts – iPad Air: Unable to edit or save contacts on the iPad Air
  • *RESOLVED  6.26.14* Customer Portal: Member cannot save favorites on behalf of customer  in any view except for Customer Single Line
  • *RESOLVED  6.26.14* Portal Emails: Members are not receiving emails sent by customers from their portal
  • *RESOLVED 6.24.14* Email Delays: Some emails being sent from Matrix are being delayed.

Please note:

  • This is NOT a complete list of known issues or resolutions.

  • The issues and resolutions are listed because of their impact on a larger number of members.

  • We are working hard to take care of ALL issues on a daily basis.

  • Please see FAQ below.

FAQ: Why isn’t the issue I reported on this page?

Not all known issues are reflected on this page. Some reported bugs are not classified as known issues, are not widely reported or may be categorized differently, such as:

  • Potential enhancements
  • Operational (the differences between the operating functionality of MLX/Fusion vs. Matrix and not considered a bug)

Often, reported issues can be resolved through individual assistance with a call center technician.

For assistance, please email your issue to or call us at 1-800-686-7451 (option #1).