How can I log in to Matrix?

You can access Matrix by visiting the Login Portal or navigating to http://mfr.mlsmatrix.com.

Why did MFR decide to go with Matrix?

We listened to the concerns and feedback from MFR members wanting one MLS system that was quick, fully mobile, performed seamlessly on any platform and on any device, and we concluded that Matrix is that system. Ultimately, the decision was made by the MFR Board of Directors to proceed with the implementation of Matrix.

Hear for yourself why our leadership is excited about the prospective launch of Matrix. Click here for a short video.

What is the timeline for the launch of Matrix to MFR members?

If all goes well with testing, our hope is to have Matrix available according to the following timeline:

April 28: Initial Access to Matrix for Everyone

May 26: Agent Web Pages available

June 10: Full Matrix Launch (listing maintenance “goes live”)

August 1: Sunset of both MLXchange and Fusion

Are MLXchange and Fusion going away?

We are making it our goal to consolidate our MLS into one easy, smart and intuitive system. Both systems will not simply disappear with the launch of Matrix, but we do have plans to sunset both MLXchange and Fusion on August 1, 2014.

What is the testing process for Matrix?

Matrix will undergo a series of testing by MFR leadership and staff. Once that is complete, we will roll out testing to an already-selected beta test group consisting of MFR brokers, realtors, assistants, appraisers and association staff.

Will my Saved Searches, Contacts, and other information from MLXchange/Fusion carry over to Matrix?

Click here for the data transfer schedule (i.e. what and when your Contacts, Saved Searches, etc…will carry over).

Where can I find how-to guides for using Matrix?

The best place to obtain how-to guides and tutorials for using Matrix is the training page of this website: MatrixBuzz.com/training.

Where can I find information about attending a Matrix training class or webinar?

The GoPher It Portal has all of the latest class and webinar offerings so that you can become a master of Matrix. For updated information on Matrix training visit the Matrix training page on this website.

What are the compatibility requirements for Matrix?

Operating System Browsers Note
Windows XP Not Supported Not supported
Windows Vista IE 9, Chrome, Safari, FireFox OK
Windows 7 IE 11, Chrome, Safari, FireFox OK
Windows 8 IE 11, Chrome, Safari, FireFox OK
Windows 8.1 IE 11, Chrome, Safari, FireFox OK
OS X 10.7+ Safari, Chrome, FireFox OK
iOS Safari OK


Note that we support the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox.