MFR Leadership addresses some of the common concerns, comments and questions about Matrix.

Who made the decision to go to Matrix – when and why?

The MFRMLS Board of Directors approved moving forward with the Matrix product at their meeting on October 18, 2013, with the goal to launch by April of 2014 and sunset MLXchange/Fusion by June 30, 2014.

Mobile capability is no longer a “wave of the future,” that wave is here – and MLXchange was not capable of supporting “mobile” and only worked with Internet Explorer a browser quickly losing its footing in browser use.

When the Fusion system was added as an option for MFR members, we hoped that it would provide the browser and operating system compatibility needed to embrace mobile technology. While Fusion offered more functionality for Apple users, it was not the solution we expected for the entire membership.

When our MLS vendor CoreLogic purchased the company that built Matrix, we were very excited to look at a system that was specifically designed for multiple devices and browsers.

Why wasn’t there a parallel period?

There actually was a parallel period. Matrix was launched on April 21, 2014, to those members who attended MFR’s REcharge event. It became available to all members on April 28. Matrix ran parallel to MLXchange/Fusion between April 28 and June 10. During that time, Matrix logins were averaging around 8,000 per day.

Why didn’t we get notice of the changes?

We made it our goal to communicate consistently about Matrix in the last six months. was created and launched in April 2014 specifically to keep members updated on the latest Matrix news, training, features and more. We also sent emails, posted notices within the MLS systems and with the latest Matrix information. Our goal from the beginning of this transition included transparency and the best outcomes for the entire membership and we continue to focus on that each day.

Why was this done at such a busy time of year?

The original plan was to launch Matrix in late April, with add/edit in May. To allow for time to bring across contacts/saved searches, that date was moved to June 10. Keep in mind that the process started last October – and the return of the market in such a BIG way could not have been predicted. Honestly, there truly is never a perfect time to launch a change like this.

Training classes were full.

Yes initially classes were in high demand. When the Matrix Transition classes started to sell out, we added over 20,000 extra training seats in venues all across MFR – and sadly only 25% of those seats were filled. Well over 16,000 members have now been trained or watched the recorded webinar – with 7,400 registrations for upcoming classes. It’s not just the transition classes any longer – there are sessions on auto-notification/prospecting, add/edit, quick and simple CMA, personalizing Matrix and more. It’s not too late to sign up – there are thousands of openings for training and lab sessions.

The wait-time was too long!

It’s true; we underestimated the amount of phone calls from members. Wait times were as long as 45 minutes in the beginning. We added the additional resources of the CoreLogic AnswerLink team and average wait times dropped to around 11 minutes. We are now consistently at a wait time of less than 4 minutes. While it’s a significant improvement, we won’t be satisfied until we are back to normal with a wait time of less than 2 minutes. The Call Center team continues to answer over 200 emails per day, in addition to the phone calls.

Why didn’t I know I couldn’t create Custom Reports?

In April, targeted communications were sent to all members who had built custom reports, letting them know that Matrix would not have that capability. We have done our best to recreate the standard reports and add some of those special reports that were originally built by members or by our local associations. MFR’s MCAT << what’s this? Committee will soon solicit members’ feedback for their favorite custom reports from MLXchange to be potentially available for all members in Matrix. At this time, we continue to work to solidify the current reports, work to educate members about printer settings, which keep those one-pagers at one page and build true non-expandable, one-page (similar to MLXchange) reports.

Why Can’t I …?

We have heard from many of you about priority items that you would like to see added to Matrix.  We cannot make Matrix work like MLXchange as they are two different systems, but we are listening to your comments and requests.

We have identified several key changes that we are working on adding:

1. Sending search results as a URL link rather than embedding results only in the Customer Portal;

2. Ability for member to receive a broker synopsis report when a different report is sent to consumer;

3. Changes/improvements to the Customer Portal. Once these have been researched and added (where possible), we will continue to the next level of requests.

What About “Bugs”?

In a perfect world, there would be no issues with a major software transition, but that is definitely not the case in the real world.  When we fully launched Matrix, there were just over 40 reported bugs (known issues) that impacted all users; today we are down to less than 23, with the list decreasing almost daily.  To see the list of bugs and fixes, please follow our progress on

My Auto-Emails had to be reactivated.

While we were able to pull over saved searches and contacts from MLXchange/Fusion, we could not automatically activate your searches as the data configuration and map-search options were not the same in both systems. In May, we notified members about the need to activate auto-emails and provided “how-to” information. That said, we understand that many of you were under the impression your customers were receiving auto-emails and were disappointed to learn that they had to be activated.

I don’t like the Customer Portal!

One of the key differences between MLXchange/Fusion and Matrix is the use of the “Portal” to send listing information to customers. Adding the ability to send email without having to use the Portal, and being able to send a Broker Synopsis to yourself (other than as a PDF) are the top-two priority requests for change. But, in the meantime – please take a look at the Portal. If you have not already done it, please be sure to customize your messaging by selecting “My Matrix” and moving through the various steps to set up your email signature, your Portal welcome message, your report header and more.

I cannot send customer emails to more than one email address.

This is another key difference in the systems that has been identified based on your feedback.  It is also high on our list of requested changes to Matrix.

MLXchange had more CRM capabilities.

Yes, it is true that MLXchange/Fusion had a much larger capacity for storing contacts and searches. And, we know that more customer information was able to be stored there vs. what is in Matrix. We are working with our vendor to reconfigure the contact screen in Matrix to add some (if not all) of the information that is stored in MLXchange without compromising the system performance. We don’t have an ETA on these changes yet, or know the scope of what can be accomplished – but we will keep you posted.