MFR Members: empowered by Matrix.

You’re already the expert. Matrix just makes it easier to stay informed and present your expertise to customers.


A vital component of any multiple listing platform, the CMA module provides agents with a sophisticated toolset for creating professional listing presentations. Using the Matrix CMA Wizard, agents can customize their report by uploading PDF pages, branding the front cover, adding price adjustments to Comparables, plus a variety of other options for assembling a unique document tailored to the individual consumer. Users can save incomplete CMAs, and print or email final reports directly to the Customer Portal.

Stats Generator

One of the program’s most sophisticated features, the stats generator provides agents with an endless array of statistical analysis options. Starting with a search of any kind, agents can generate stats for a specific market area, time frame, listing status… or the entire multiple listing database! Matrix offers numerous preset reporting options, making it easy for agents to generate up-to-date statistical reports featuring attractive charts and graphs with just a few clicks. Advanced functionality allows for the comparison of virtually any two market stats on the same chart.

Hit Counter

Aside from listing stats, we also consider the Hit Counter a stats tool, as well. That’s because the Hit Counter allows a quantitative view of your customer’s interaction with your customer portal.

For instance, Matrix’s hit counter functionality allows agents to track their customers’ activity and interactions with the system. Every visit and click within the client portal is tracked and exposed to the listing agent. Information such as the number of times a listing has been categorized as a Favorite, Possibility, or Discard is made available. The listing hit counter feature can be used to quickly and accurately gauge consumer interest in a new listing.