Matrix 6.6.7 Updates

*Download a handy guide for customizing your email signature in Matrix — click here.*

On Thursday, October 2, 2014, MFR implemented Matrix version 6.6.7.

Highlights of this upgrade include:

• Added Drive Times to Driving Directions including Total drive time, point-to-point and turn-by-turn. Time is calculated using current traffic conditions.
• If you Cancel out of emailing Driving Directions it will now revert to Driving Directions page instead of the Results page.
• Ability to search Saved Searches by a contact’s first or last name.
• Ability to search Auto Emails by a contact’s first or last name.
• Added the ability to filter Contacts, Saved Searched and Auto Emails using special characters such as Ë
• The “New Contact” button in the Carts action tab after performing a Search now works.
• Email Signature editor now allow insertion of Images, Special Characters, Lines, Bullets, Links, Tables, Font Selection, Font Size, Font Color & Styles, Super/Sub-Script. For a guide, click here.

For the full release notes click HERE.

IOS 8 Matrix Troubleshooting

Update 9.26.14

If you have recently upgraded to IOS 8 and are having trouble with Matrix, try clearing your cache. How-to instructions are available in the MFR Knowledge Base, click on the link and then scroll down >> IOS Fix.


Apple recently released iOS 8, an updated version of its operating system for the iPhone and iPad, and some iOS 8 users have reported a variety of performance problems, including crashes, slowness, keyboard lag, and general instability.

Some iOS 8 users have reported slow performance when attempting to input a listing via the main Matrix website using the Safari browser with an IPad or IPhone.

The Matrix development team is working with CoreLogic to help resolve the performance issue. These issues may be intermittent until an iOS 8 patch is released by Apple to correct the problem.

The workaround: CoreLogic recommends that iPhone and iPad users with earlier versions of iOS do not upgrade to iOS 8, or use the Chrome browser to access Matrix.

Report A Violation Icon Change – Update

Update: We will begin the process of making this change at 6:00pm today 9/23 in lieu of Wednesday 9/24 as previously communicated.

The icon below, to confidentially report a violation, will be removed from the top of the broker synopsis and will become an active link at the bottom of the report.

Icon being moved:

New option to report a violation sample below

Survey Says …

We have compiled the results from the Matrix Improvement Survey, here’s what you told us:



Other highly ranked priorities on the top of your lists included (the 10 most selected are listed below):


For a complete list of the survey results, click here. *Note* To view the image in a larger size, simply select “view actual size” from the edit menu in your toolbar, or zoom in on the image. 


The development team at MFR is working closely with CoreLogic to analyze your feedback (both from the multiple answer choices and the suggestion box comments) to develop the next steps in the improvement process. The results of the survey will help us to prioritize, according to the 25 improvements presented in the survey, but we will also continue to work on all Matrix improvements based on current and previous member feedback. Stay tuned to for more improvement updates in the weeks ahead.


Market Conditions Report – Issues and Workaround

There are currently some issues with the Market Conditions Report (found on the Property Details page) in Matrix. We are working closely with our vendor to ensure these issues get fixed as soon as possible.

If you do experience any issues with this report, here is a workaround that will hopefully help:

1. On the Search Criteria page in Matrix, select whatever criteria you would like to see in your report.

2. Click Results.

3. Select your subject property (or properties – see screenshot below).


4. Click on Print.

5. Scroll down the list of available reports and find the report titled “1004MC Report Detailed” (toward the bottom of the list – see screenshot below).


6. Click on Print to PDF.

7. You should now have a report that you can use for your market analysis.

We will, of course, keep you updated when the current issues with the Market Conditions Report get resolved.

Incomplete Listing Purge Starts September 16

Similar to the previous PH Status rule in MLXchange and Fusion, beginning September 16 all Incomplete Listings in Matrix will be purged from the system if they’ve been in the system longer than six (6) days (i.e. they will purge on the seventh day).

This purge rule will also be retroactive, meaning any Incomplete Listings that pre-date September 16 are also subject to the new rule. For example, if you add an Incomplete Listing to the system on September 14, and that listing remains Incomplete, then it will be removed from the system on September 20.

What are Incomplete Listings? Incomplete Listings are those listings that are saved as Incomplete when being added to Matrix through the Add/Edit feature. Once an Incomplete Listing has been completely filled out, the status is changed to Active and at least one photo is uploaded, the listing becomes available for other Agents to see.

How do you edit Incomplete Listings? 

Step 1) Under the My Listings module on the Home page, click on Incoming Listings (see screenshot below). Please note: Matrix interchanges the word “Incomplete” with “Incoming” after a listing is saved as Incomplete.


Step 2) Check the box next to the listing you would like edit and then click the Edit button on the bottom of the list.

Step 3) You will then have the option to select Delete Incoming Status Listing or select the appropriate property type link (ex: residential) to proceed with the process of making the listing Active.

Market Analysis Report New & Improved

The Market Analysis summary report  is now available in Matrix. To generate your report, while searching, navigate to the tab labled “Quick CMA.” The report is titled “Market Analysis” and has some important improvements to note:

• Column headings are now more detailed

In example, $SqFt is now LP/HSqFt to distinguish that the List Price is being divided by Heated Sq Ft.

• The summary section now displays Minimum, Maximum, Average, and Median totals

If you have questions about the Market Analysis report, please contact our Call Center at 800-686-7451.

A Moment with MFR member Sherona Nandram, REALTOR

I had the pleasure of chatting with Realtor®, Sherona Nandram as she spoke about her transition into real estate, marketing, and her experience with Matrix.

Sherona is a REALTOR at Platinum Key Realty, Inc in Orlando, FL and a member of Orlando Regional Realtor® Association.

Sherona Nandram-1Sherona why Real Estate?

After having my daughter I had a change of heart as far as my career was concerned. I wanted something different. As a Realtor®, I’m able to utilize my previously acquired skill to help individuals acquire the American dream of homeownership.

What did you do prior to beginning your career in Real Estate?

Prior to Real Estate I worked as an independent marketing coordinator. I helped small businesses reach and retain customers.

How has your background in marketing served you in your current career in Real Estate?

80% of Real Estate is marketing. The Real Estate industry is broad and the competition is great. You have to know how to make yourself stand out and you have to find your niche. Having a marketing background has helped me to quickly identify exactly what I want to in Real Estate and how to go about it. Just doing basic, consistent marketing, has helped me to acquire my first listing within the first 60 days of having my license and has brought me 15 buyer leads, seven of which I am currently working with. I can only image what will happen once I really start to implement more strategic marketing campaigns.

As someone with a marketing background, what specific function(s) or aspect(s) of Matrix do you find most helpful?

I like the concierge feature of auto e-mail. This way I focus on sending my customers quality listings. Customers don’t like being bombarded with listings that don’t really match their criteria. Though it’s more time consuming for me, I like being able to review each listing before sending it. This shows that I really listened and understand their needs. I spoke to a lot of family members and friends who are homeowners and that was one of their biggest complaints…getting a lot of “random” listings from their agent.

Do you use reverse prospecting in Matrix? What are some of the benefits you think in regards to reverse prospecting?

I personally have not used reverse prospecting as of yet, but I will! It’s a great tool to bridge the gap between listing agents and buyer’s agent. If reverse prospecting is used effectively, it would expedite the buying and selling process, as listing agents are able to identify other agents with buyers whose criteria fit their listing.

Did you have any previous knowledge or experience working with MLXchange or Fusion?

Yes, prior to being licensed I worked independently as the marketing coordinator for my brokerage and at the time I worked with Fusion. I do prefer Matrix, it’s a far more effective and efficient system.

Mac or PC?


Any advice for you can share with members regarding Matrix?

Matrix is what we need to get things done efficiently. There are a lot of great features and it only takes learning them, then putting them into practice. I would suggest making it apart of one’s weekly schedule to learn a new feature until one has mastered the system.