MLX/Fusion to be Shutdown August 1, New Improvements to Matrix

Hello everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to provide confirmation to members that MFR is moving forward, as planned, with the complete shutdown of both MLXchange and Fusion on August 1, 2014. Also, continue reading below for the latest Matrix improvements.

The Shutdown of MLX/Fusion is on Schedule

At 12:01 a.m. on Friday, August, 1, 2014, MLXchange and Fusion will no longer be accessible. You will not be able to access, view or use MLX/Fusion in any capacity. Log in attempts to MLX or Fusion will be automatically redirected to Matrix. Currently, MLXchange and Fusion are “read only,” with stale data, meaning there have been no updates and no new data added to those systems since June 10.

July 31 is the last day that any member will have access to these old systems. Take the time now to check on the following items:

> Customer contact information. Double check that all of your customer contact information has carried over to Matrix. Visit the “Working with Customers/Contacts” section on for how-to’s.

> Your Agent Web Page (AWP). Need to set up your AWP in Matrix? If you’re still using your AWP in MLXchange or Fusion, that AWP will also shut off effective August 1. Click here to download a guide for setting up your AWP in Matrix.

Latest Matrix Improvements

In other news, I am happy to report that there have been several improvements made to Matrix very recently.

Select reports including Agent Rankings are now available
Auto Emails: now 80 Days to opt-in and new “welcome email”
Auto Emails get a new look
Now you can print a true one-page broker synopsis
New Feature: “goggle view”
Status Change Listing form now two pages
Side by Side Sold Report now available

I’ve listed some of the improvements here, check out the Matrix News section for more!

There is still progress to be made. Please know our team is committed to building upon the improvements of the past week. I’ve been a part of other MLS conversions in my career, and they are never easy. We’ve certainly had our bumps. However, I’m confident our roughest days are behind us.

I thank you for your patience and support. And I hope you continue to follow our progress on Help is only a phone call (1-800-686-7451) or an email away! Call wait times have dropped significantly, and emails are welcomed at

Thank you.
Merri Jo Cowen, CEO
My Florida Regional MLS

Matrix Update – Coming Week Developments

Matrix Update – Coming Week Developments

From Merri Jo Cowen, MFRMLS CEO

I’m pleased to be able to provide an update on developments in Matrix taking place in the coming week, with some updates happening sooner than others.

1. View Portal Listings Using Broker Reports

Members with an Auto Email set up for themselves (new listings, your farm area, etc.) will soon be able to view Broker reports for those listings.  If you have set yourself up as a “bcc” to your customer’s portal, you will also have an option to view those properties in Broker-level reports when logged into Matrix. Customers will only see Customer-level reports.

 >>Click here to view/download a sample portal email.

2. True “One-Page” Reports

Many of the reports in Matrix are designed to print on one page, but often extend to two pages because of the auto-expansion of data fields with multiple pick-list items selected. Within the next week, you will see a new, “true one page” report that does not auto-expand and will consistently print on one page. We’ll start by delivering the Residential reports first with the other property class one-page reports soon to follow.

3. Agent/Office Reports 

  • Agent Awards report (MLX)
  • Agent Awards report ranked by total volume
  • Agent Market share by total volume
  • Office Market share report totals
  • Home Sales report by property style and county
  • Agent MKT Share – By # Sold
  • Office Market Share – Ranked By Sold Units
  • Office Market Share – By # Listed
  • Office Market Share – By # Sold

As these developments occur we will post an update to the News section in Matrix as well as on Speaking of, keep an eye on the website as we are making changes to help you find the resources you need.

Help is only a phone call (1-800-686-7451) or an email away! Call wait times have dropped significantly and emails are welcomed at

-Merri Jo

CEO, My Florida Regional MLS

We Are Moving Forward

We Are Moving Forward

From Merri Jo Cowen, MFRMLS CEO

Over the last several weeks, I’ve heard from members who aren’t happy about Matrix, and I want you to know what we’re doing about it.

The first thing I want you to know is that we are working to address every single bug, issue or problem you’ve brought to our attention. MFR has heard you, and we will not rest until Matrix is working smoothly for each of you. Additionally, we’ve added experts to our call center and created Matrix Express, a quick response email service, to help.  We’ve added training sessions and have successfully reduced our support call wait time to less than 4 minutes to help everyone adjust to Matrix.

I also want you to know that we are focusing on adding some of the functionality that you loved from MLXchange into Matrix. No ETA yet, but we are working to develop/enhance these important features:

  • Ability to email properties to your customers with an active link in lieu of the Portal.
  • Ability to email the Broker Synopsis reports to yourself and/or other agents.
  • Improved settings and display for the customer portal

Some members have asked if we can go back to MLXchange.

The answer is one you may not like: We cannot go back. We must move forward. But I want you to understand why, and what will happen from here.

In the six months leading up to the introduction of Matrix on June 10, Matrix was vetted and approved by our Board of Directors, and then beta-tested by both staff and members – well over 3,000 hours were invested in testing Matrix. It’s a massive platform that has been carefully configured for maximum performance and flexibility for our large and growing membership.

Matrix handles more than tens of thousands of searches and new listings/edits every day.  In the last seven (7) days alone, there have been 3,800+ new residential listings added, over 4,100 closed sales reported and 3,232 residential properties changed to “pending” status. But it’s not just about listings and searches. Many of you use other services within Matrix, like auto-emails, the CMA and custom searches to name only a few features. To summarize: Matrix is working and business is being done.

As of June 10, all of the data that was in MLXchange was migrated to Matrix. Thus, in order to go back, the full process would need to be repeated – and every one of you would have to re-set the features you commonly used. Such a migration would impact data feeds to/from 3rd parties and brokers, possibly including your individual IDX websites; and would also take up to 30 days of preparation.

For these reasons, and recognizing the disruption that would be caused for those members who are using Matrix, we must press forward and make it the best system available for all members.

I also want to point out that our call center continues to take your “how-to” questions and the wait time is now averaging approximately less than 4 minutes.  We are committed to helping you learn how to use Matrix efficiently and to clarify common questions by posting them on and in Matrix News. We are also working to add several new ultra-short videos, “Matrix in a Minute,” and plan to continue to build a library of short, single-topic help tutorials – less than (or close to) a minute long.

Change is never easy, and our transition to Matrix has certainly not been easy. Yet I do know this: With every support ticket, comment, idea and complaint, the system is getting better. Your feedback is absolutely critical to us. We welcome it.

That’s why I invite you to keep the dialogue open. Let us know how we can help you. Give us the opportunity to help you succeed with Matrix. Everyone here at MFR is absolutely committed to your success.  Thank you.

Merri Jo

>>Leadership Answers Common Concerns, Comments & Questions Here